Q: How long has CD³ been in business?

CD³ was incorporated and started operation in the spring of 2005, and joined St Thomas & Elgin Home Builders' Association in the fall of 2005. In 2016, CD³ celebrated 11 years in the industry. 

Q: Does your company carry workers compensation and liability insurance? Is this important?

Yes, we carry Ontario's WSIB insurance and Liability insurance.

Being insured is critically important and a legal requirement by the government.  Many homeowners do not realize they could be held liable and sued if workers they have hired directly or indirectly are not properly insured.  Reputable renovation contractors will be happy to provide you with their proof of insurance, so be sure to include this in your list of considerations when interviewing and selecting your renovation contractor.

In addition to carrying the proper insurance, it is important that the companies you hire are following all health and safety laws. Frequently we see roofers working in neighborhoods without the proper safety tie-offs on. If they fall, the homeowner can assume some of the liability if the workers are not properly insured or tied off. See the last question in FAQs to learn more.  

Q: Are you a member of a national trade association?

The three levels of Home Builders' Association in Canada are the leaders and voice of the construction industry. Since 2005, CD³ has been active members of the Canadian Home Builders' Association, Ontario Home Builders' Association, St Thomas & Elgin Home Builders' Association and joined London Home Builders' Association in 2012. We are also a member of Renomark and follow its Code of Conduct. 

Q: What specialized training do you have to be qualified to renovate?

Currently in Ontario there is no legislated requirement for certification as a renovation contractor, we believe in the importance of continuing education and continual improvement.  CD³ has completed training and become certified in the following areas:

Ontario Building Code: BCIN Certification; Heating/Air Conditioning Institute (HRAI): Residential Air Systems Design Technician (RASDT); Enerquality: Certified Green Renovator; Snell: Certified Thermographer; Energy Star for New Homes and Energuide: FormerlyCertified Energy Advisors; and are also members of Renomark and follow the code of conduct.

Q: Does my renovation require a permit?

Building permits are required for many renovations. Different municipalities may have differing requirements for which projects require permits.  Some popular renovations that require permits are: Any renovation where the structure of the home is being altered; kitchen and bathroom renovations particularly where plumbing is being relocated; decks that are 24" above grade; insulation work where the vapour barrier is being affected; finishing of a basement; and any electrical work. This is not a comprehensive list, but only a sample of some common renovations requiring permits.  

CD³ applies for all required permits for renovations undertaken. When planning for a renovation, ask the contractors you are interviewing about their permit process. Check with your local municipality building department whether your renovation requires a permit. The permit is a benefit for homeowners because it provides you a third party inspection by the municipal building department with the objective of ensuring the building code requirements are being met.

Q: Why are the quotes I received from contractors varying widely in price between each other?

Since there are many different products, significant differences in quality of craftsmanship and methods for renovating, it is common for quotes to vary in price and scope of work.  One of the most common reasons CD³ sees is the tendency for some contractors to low ball the quote to get the job, but then increases the price during renovation to address up-charges.  If the quote and scope of work is vague, this opens the door for misunderstandings on expectations of what work and quality of finishes is included. When quoting with multiple contractors, it is important to have an apples to apples comparison, therefore a detailed scope of work with actual products or allowances is important in getting closer to an accurate comparison.

CD³ as developed the exclusive Renovating Right³ system with the goal of keeping your renovation on time and on budget. The Design Consultation stage works through the details of your renovation in order to provide an accurate scope of work and estimate of costs for your renovation. 

Q: How do I find a reliable and reputable renovation contractor?

The first place you should start looking is at your local Home Builders' Association. Renovation contractor members are Renomark members and follow a code of conduct that requires members to carry proper insurance, apply for permits as required, offer a 2 year warranty and follow industry leading standards of ethics and business practices. 

Q: Do you supply a list of references that we can call?

Yes, when you are ready to make your decision on which contractor you are going to hire, we would be happy to connect you with past clients who have hired us to complete their renovations. 

Q: What is the process of hiring and working with CD³ as my renovation project?

From the first phone call, we walk you through the renovation process step by step.

During the initial phone call we gather information on what you would like to achieve in your renovation. We will want to understand your vision and lifestyle needs you would like addressed in the renovation, as well as discuss your timeline, investment budget goals and our Design Plan process.  Should you wish to move forward, we schedule an in-home Design Plan Consultation.

After the Design Plan meeting we move into the Design Consultation stage where all of the design and planning work is completed.  The Construction Contract stage follows the completion of the Design Plan stage should you wish to move forward with the renovation. Following the completion of your renovation, our After-Care Service lets us stay in touch so you know we are close by if you need us.

Q: Can I do some of the work or hire my own trades in order to save money?

According to the Ministry of Labour, a Constructor is one person or organization who is taking responsibility for the health and safety matters on a project. If a contractor is undertaking all parts of the construction project, they are the Constructor. However, if a homeowner hires two or more contractors to complete the renovation, the homeowner becomes the Constructor and therefore is liable for ensuring all people involved in the project are following health and safety laws. (for example: hiring a kitchen cabinet company separately from the contractor completing the other parts of the renovation). This is a significant responsibility. For those reasons, where we are the Constructor responsible for supplying permits and managing the renovation project, only CD³ approved trades are hired to work on the project.  If the homeowner has a preferred licensed and certified trade they have worked with, CD³ will consider adding that trade to the approved lists if they meet our standards and requirements.

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