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What is a pretty smart home?  

If you are like many homeowners, you have seen the TV shows and want to make sure your home is renovated right. You want to protect one of your largest financial investments, your home.  We frequently hear this when meeting with homeowners.

Design and planning is the first step to every successful renovation and resources like Houzz or Pinterest are a great place to start. However, design is more than pretty finishes.  As professional renovation contractors, we guide you through the process of designing your dream renovation including the very important science aspects of the renovation that have a direct impact on your comfort and health. 

We think it is pretty smart to carefully plan your renovation so that you are making a wise long-term investment in your home. While you are in the renovation, why not improve the insulation so your home is more comfortable? Why not use LED bulbs to reduce your electricity bill? Why not widen doorways so it is easier to move around now and in the future? Why not incorporate smart technology to make life easier?

Not only are our renovations pretty, but they are pretty smart! Contacts us today to learn more.