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What do we mean when we say pretty smart homes?

When designing a renovation, we put thoughtful attention into creating a beautiful space that fulfills the dreams of our clients, and have been honoured with National, Provincial and Local design awards that recognize this attention to detail!

However, a professional renovation isn’t simply just pretty. Renovations are not like they used to be. They are complex, and if not done right can create significant problems for homeowners.

Homeowners tell us they want a professional contractor who provides professional design advice and who understands the structure and science of the home. They want their renovations done right because they want to protect one of their largest financial investments, their home.

We think it is pretty smart to make wise decisions when renovating your home. While you are in the mess, why not improve the insulation in order to make your home more comfortable, why not use LED bulbs to reduce the amount of money you pay to your electricity provider? Why not put in wider doorways so that your home is easier to move around in now and in the future? 

Not only are our renovations pretty, but they are pretty smart! Contacts us today to find out how you can have a pretty smart home too! 


Drafts and uneven temperatures between rooms and floors are common comfort issues due to a lack of energy efficient features in the home. Air leakage, poor windows and low insulation levels are common sources of the problems.

Cold drafty windows, icy or hot rooms over the garage, chilly basements, freezing pipes and homes where street noise can be heard are all symptoms of a home that needs energy efficient improvements. 

Reducing the amount of air leakage between the indoor and outdoor air and increasing insulation levels not only makes the home more comfortable and saves energy but it also helps save you the frustration of issues like ice dams on roofs that damage the home and cause water leaks. (Look for large icicles on roof edge).


Indoor air quality is an important part of your home's health.

Whether your home is damp, musty, dry or drafty, these conditions affect the health of the occupants and the durability of the home.

Proper ventilation of your energy efficient home helps to eliminate conditions for mold to thrive and aids in protecting you from harmful gasses like Radon, Volatile Organic Compounds and Carbon Monoxide in your indoor air.

A properly ventilated home provides a consistent source of fresh air to keep the home smelling fresh and clean year around. Proper ventilation helps manage moisture levels in the home. Too much or too little humidity can create conditions for mold growth and can cause problems like damage to hardwood flooring and other products sensitive to humidity levels. 


A healthier home is a cleaner home. 

Air sealing of the home and the duct work not only results a more comfortable home with even temperatures but also aids in reducing dust levels circulating in your home. Less housework means and more time enjoying life. 

Advances in technology are allowing for a "set it and forget it" approach to the operation of your mechanical equipment are also a time saver. Heating, cooling, ventilation and electricity producing products available today are simple and require little or no effort to manage.

If an electric vehicle is part of your energy upgrade, you will never have to stand in the rain or snow at a gas station again. Fuel your car up from the comfort of your own home. It is that simple. 


By making our homes more comfortable and healthy, we are also reducing our energy usage which puts more money in our pockets to spend how we wish, whether on memories with our families and friends, that dream convertible, a college fund or to invest for our future.  

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular and affordable and are an important part of most Energy+ Plans. These panels pay for themselves over time with the use of simply free energy from the sun.

Combining a reduction in energy consumption from better air sealing and insulation with the use of solar panels helps reduces your overall energy costs ultimatelyputting more money into your pocket.

It simply makes sense! 


Net-Zero Energy homes are the future of Canadian housing.

Net-Zero Energy essentially means, over the course of a year the home generates as much energy as it uses when operated under standard conditions.

Best building science construction practices are incorporated into these homes to help reduce the energy usage of the home, and Photo Voltaic panels are used to generate electricity to offset the energy usage.

New advancements in battery storage allow for energy independence and for backup electricitystorage in the event of power outages. 

Contact us today to learn more about CHBA's Net Zero Energy program for renovations !


Putting fewer toxins into our atmosphere by reducing our energy use and dependence on fossil fuels is the legacy we all want to leave for our children and grand children.

With the advancement in products that are available today, you can have the best of both worlds at your fingertips.

You can reduce your energy use by incorporating better products and building science construction techniques into your home renovation while not having to compromise on the quality of life you currently enjoy.

We all want to leave a great legacy and this is our chance!

"Leave this world a little better than you found it"

Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941) founder of the world Scouting movement.


CD³ Energy+ Plan

Each home is unique having individual characteristics, from the building techniques used during its construction, the orientation of the home, and the renovations completed in the past.

Because the house operates as a system, it is important to understand the science and technology behind energy efficient components of a home. A change in one area creates a consequence in a different area of the home.

For these reasons, a home should have an energy assessment to determine how the home performs and what upgrades are required to bring it up to today's energy performance standards.

The CD³ Energy+ Plan evaluates your home's performance and develops a customized strategy to improve your home, whether the renovations are one large project or spread over time in a room by room approach.

Contact us today to learn how you can get your CD³ Energy+ Plan.