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Drafts and uneven temperatures between rooms and floors are common comfort issues due to a lack of energy efficient features in the home. Air leakage, poor windows and low insulation levels are common sources of the problems.

Cold drafty windows, icy or hot rooms over the garage, chilly basements, freezing pipes and homes where street noise can be heard are all symptoms of a home that needs energy efficient improvements. 

Reducing the amount of air leakage between the indoor and outdoor air and increasing insulation levels not only makes the home more comfortable and saves energy but it also helps save you the frustration of issues like ice dams on roofs that damage the home and cause water leaks. (Look for large icicles on roof edge).


Indoor air quality is an important part of your home's health.

Whether your home is damp, musty, dry or drafty, these conditions affect the health of the occupants and the durability of the home.

Proper ventilation of your energy efficient home helps to eliminate conditions for mold to thrive and aids in protecting you from harmful gasses like Radon, Volatile Organic Compounds and Carbon Monoxide in your indoor air.

A properly ventilated home provides a consistent source of fresh air to keep the home smelling fresh and clean year around. Proper ventilation helps manage moisture levels in the home. Too much or too little humidity can create conditions for mold growth and can cause problems like damage to hardwood flooring and other products sensitive to humidity levels. 


When renovating a home, it is important to understand the house as a system. The house has it's own eco-system of sorts. When you alter one area or element of a home, it can have implications on other areas of the home.


Radon is a naturally occurring radio-active soil gas that is released from Uranium deposits found below the soil. Radon is known to be present across Canada. The only way to know if your radon levels are high in your home is to test.